Review – The Pride of Erin

The following is a short review of the DVD Pride of Erin which was filmed and produced by Pat Murphy in 2005 with music played by Heather Breeze.

The DVD is available directly from Pat Murphy.

Overall the DVD is an excellent resource. The dances are explained while being actively demonstrated by the minimum number of people needed (usually two) and the dancing is clear at all times.

The movements are repeated multiple times and several of the dances include an additional section showing a full group dancing.

If you’ve typically danced or called ceili or set dances and would like some two-hands to round out your rep, this is a good DVD to have. There are a number of lively dances that are good for casual groups and would also make good performance pieces.

There are also some sedate waltzes for later in the evening when people are getting tuckered out or if you’ve got a group that just isn’t up to moving a lot.

The DVD also includes a section that shows some beautiful scenery of Ireland set to good music. Something to enjoy when you’re not dancing.

One complaint I have is that there isn’t an insert with the DVD, describing each dance. If you want written notes (as I frequently do), you’ll have to write them yourself. In the long run this isn’t so bad as most people are more likely to remember what they’ve taken the time to write down.

My last complaint with the DVD is that the extra region-free disc included with my package didn’t run well on my stand-alone DVD player. It played fine on my computer though
so things worked out for me.

In closing, this DVD is well worth the money If you need a collection of new two-hand dances with a few three-hands thrown in.

If you have an opportunity to attend a workshop run by Pat Murphy, definitely don’t pass that up. He’s an excellent, friendly teacher and is a pleasure to be around.

I’m planning on calling several of the dances at an upcoming party where I have no idea how many people will be attending and likely won’t have enough people for a full set or
average ceili dance. This DVD couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

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