It’s alive! It’s really alive!

I spent some time on Thursday night finishing up the platform for the new laser.

I’ve got a Kee-Klamp scaffold over my table that holds the big red laser and nothing else. I had planned to hang optics off the scaffold but that didn’t quite work out. Fortunately it made a great place to put the SP-907 laser box.

Now it’s got another rider in the green laser, telescope and shutter.

Obviously the platform is wood, two layers glued together and fastened to the cross-piece. The platform also holds the collimating telescope, shutter and a beam steering mirror so that I can redirect the beam to the other side of the table.

I’ve set it up so that the beam comes down onto the table where the red beam starts so that I can essentially use the same optical setup for either laser.

It’s dark, but here’s the point where the two beams can be combined someday. At the moment I’m merely blocking the red beam with the mirror used by the green beam. As long as I’m using only one laser at a time I’ll turn the other laser off.

Here’s a shot of the point on my table where the beam is split between reference and object light.

In the upper right of the image you can see a red dot, that’s the SP-907 beam being blocked by the mirror used to redirect the green beam into the original path.

The beam goes through a pinhole (you can see some back-reflection on the card), through a 1/2 wave plate, a cube beamsplitter, another 1/2 wave plate and through a spatial filter.

Eventually everything converges at the setup and master plate holder.

I’m using simple diffusion filters for lighting and a sparkly background.

Here’s a close-up shot of the setup.

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