Dolmen work III

The dolmen work is proceeding. Things have been slow this week but since the last update I’ve made masters for the main dolmen and the lit interior.

Here are two thumbnail views of the transmission masters.

I had made four master plates (laminated film onto glass) expecting less than perfect results but the masters turned out very good on the first try, with the inner area being brightly lit with a single undiverged laser beam and the outer shot being lit from either side by expanded beams.

The masters were exposed using a SP-907 laser putting out 25mW and developed using JD2 developer and EDTA bleach. The film was Slavich PFG-01 laminated to glass using Kapco adhesive.

I also did a reflection test, combining the master using two slightly different colors on the same plate.

I chose a nice gold color for the outside shot and a pure red for the inner shot. The differences in the final hologram are hard to see in the photographs but striking live.

The reflection hologram was exposed with a 15mW JDSU laser and developed using the same chemicals as the reflection masters.

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  1. While giving a talk about holography to a school group recently I mentioned that one could look at a hologram through a microscope and see what you’d see with the original subject.Since I’ve got an Intel QX3 microscope I decided to capture a few images.

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