Dolmen work

It’s been a while since I’ve really been in the lab. After the first of the year I got really caught up in the Irish dancing events that Susan and I are involved with, did some travelling for work and then got sucked into the Irish dance St. Patrick’s "season."

Finally there’s a lull and I can get back to working on a dolmen hologram that I’ve had on the back-burner for three years.

After our last trip to Ireland I started working on a dolmen model but it ended up getting shelved while I worked on other holograms.

If you don’t know what a dolmen is, here’s a picture of Susan holding one up.

I’m planning on doing the basic scene with landscape and dolmen in one color (not sure what color yet), a moon in orange and firelight inside the dolmen in reddish-yellow.

Obviously that’s going to take some work since I’ll have three masters and plenty of experimentation with TEA to get the colors just right.

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Author: Michael Harrison

Husband, Programmer, Irish dancer, tinkerer, astronomer, layabout (as much as possible)

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