Green transmission test 2

Ok, so you’re wondering where’s the post for Green transmission test 1?

There isn’t one.

I did do a test with my new laser a few days ago (ok, last Friday) but it was hastily prepared in Susan’s office on the home-made breadboard with the laser set up on her desk and the breadboard about 8′ away on the floor. The shutter was and old-school piece of black cardboard.

The image was really dim and the polarization was such that there are lines caused by light bouncing between the glass plates holding the film but there is an image and it’s pretty deep.

So anyway, on to GTT2…

This morning I set up for another test using the same breadboard and small plate holder with a smal collection of objects that I thought would either show up well or be interesting to look at.

The laser was sitting across the room on my processing station aimed at a transfer mirrror on my desk which directed the beam at the plateholder that R2 is sitting on.

The large mirror redirected some spill light back onto R2 and the moose.

I used some Fuji film and calculated that my exposure time needed to be 12 seconds with the light spread as much as was (the cone was at least 3′ in diameter at the plate.

I exposed the film and then developed it for 25 seconds and bleached in EDTA.

The hologram is a bit dim but I can see clearly to the end of the breadboard which is 16" from the film. Unfortunately I can’t get a good photo but I’ll keep trying.

Now to decide what I’m going to use for a green emulsion and if I can master in green and copy in red without distracting visual artifacts due to the change in frequency.

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