New laser in da house

As I mentioned back in this post, I’ve gone green.

The laser arrived today and I’ve been testing it all afternoon by terrorizing cats (not really) and airplanes (not really).

Coherent 315m

The laser is an OEM unit that’s been customized by one of the true laser geeks from Photon Lexicon.

It’s got a custom controller that allows the output power to be set from 0-100+mW although I likely won’t be pushing it that hard.

So if I’m not going to use the full power why did I buy the laser?

Loads of reasons.

  1. Coherence length. My current 25mW HeNe only has 8" and I’ve been burned several times when I’ve forgotten to match beam lengths in my master setups. I also have to spend way too much time measuring and adjusting and not enough time shooting. The CL of this laser is measured in meters. I’ll have to be careful to card off any stray light but I’m hoping that will be a less arduous task than all the measuring I do now.
  2. Green. With the additional color I can give some thought to multi-color work in the future.
  3. DCG. With the power and color of this laser I can consider trying DCG. I don’t really like the thought of spending so much time making emulsion but the brightness of DCG is tempting.
  4. Power. Ok, I may not use it all initially but I’m sure that will change with time.

Here’s a closer shot of the laser head

and a shot of the laser putting out 100mW in a fully lit room.

Lasa on da wall

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