Baen does it again

Ok, they aren’t repeating themselves in the strictest sense but so far the people at Baen have shown themselves to be good people and with the passing of Jim Baen it appears that the company won’t be falling into the profit pit that so many companies live in.

Now you’re wondering what I’m going on about, aren’t you?

The folks at Baen have started a program where they’re giving away eBooks to the disabled. They began the program with the last Veterans day but it doesn’t appear to be a requirement that you’re a vet. This is cool, check them out.

Baen Books (, a publisher of science fiction, will provide its books to fans who are blind, paralysed, or dyslexic, or are amputees, in electronic form free of charge, effective immediately.

Baen Books is making this offer in recognition of Veterans Day, and all our disabled military veterans. Many Baen authors are veterans themselves, using a military setting as the setting of their tales. Right now convalescing vets might welcome an exciting, fast-action tale to pass the time.


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