October 19th set dance workshop

Connemara Set turn the ladyThe set dance workshop held by Maldon Meehan and Ronan Regan is over and was great fun.

They spent two hours showing us the basic steps for the Connemara Set and running us through the figures after which they gave us a demo of Sean Nos dancing to show us all what the footwork is really supposed to look like!

Ronan also played fiddle for several of the figures and while we learned the footwork which was great to listen to and helped to keep us on track at a speed slower than the CD. I’m sure our neighbors wondered just what was going on 🙂

Afterwards we hung out for a while and talked while enjoying some of the goodies brought by various attendees.

It was a great workshop and we’re looking forward to seeing them again one day. If you get a chance to attend a workshop with them definitely don’t pass it up.

A few more pictures are available in our gallery.


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