Laserglow drops their… prices

Got an email from with a price reduction on their high power laser pointers. I haven’t used their lasers so I can’t comment on their quality and reliability but if you’re looking for more power to play with you might check them out. has reduced ALL prices on EVERY Aries and Hercules Series high-powered handheld laser by 20 to 45%!

Owning a high-powered (20-400mW) handheld laser has never been so affordable. This price reduction was brought about by the recent popularity of our products among hobbyists and professionals. As a result, we have increased production and subsequently dropped prices. For full details on our new pricing structure, please see

In addition, use the Voucher Code 106221132 on our website before Monday, November 6th, and get an additional 5% off any purchase!

Limited time 5% discount is only applicable to orders placed on the website. Promotion is not valid on Purchase Orders or orders placed over the phone. Promotional code is valid from Friday October 27 to Friday November 4th, 2006. All prices quoted are in US dollars. Prices subject to change without prior notice.


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3 thoughts on “Laserglow drops their… prices”

  1. Well, their prices plus the one you mentioned don’t seem to match up with, so far they’re the cheapest and are selling the same lasers as those two other companies. Actually, most of their units are at least 20% cheaper compared to those two. Let the price wars begin…

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