The making of “Friends”

Friends Hologram of Snoopy and WoodstockFor the latest Holography Forum contest I made a hologram of Snoopy and Woodstock.

I’d originally planned for the final hologram to be a bit different but I’m happy with what I’ve got.

Read on for the making of Friends.

Making the base

I started out by gluing a paper towel to some foamboard. This was done so the plaster I’d be adding would have a good rough surface to adhere to.

adding plaster

The added plaster to form the "terrain".

putting the back on

Once that had dried I added the back which is a plastic grid back with paper towels soaked in plaster. The plaster makes the back nice and stiff but still fairly light.

painting the scene

The I added grass and painted the back black. I didn’t want the grid to appear in the hologram, just the cotton that would be added on top.

with grass and figures

Next was the addition of the cotton and placing of the figures. The water bowl was painted gray because its original red color would have resulted in it being just as bright as the figures.

After doing some test shots with the grass I found that it was too dark. I got the texture I wanted but Snoopy and Woodstock stood out too much. So I scraped off the grass (no matter how much paint I layered on, it stayed dark) painted the plaster white and added some model railroad snow to keep the texture I wanted.

final version

The cotton was intended to provide a dreamy look in combination with some non-holographic elements I wanted in the final piece. Unfortunately I couldn’t work out the lighting for both elements in time for the contest and decided to go with just a hologram.

Snoopy and woodstock hologram

Here’s the final reflection hologram.

Here’s also a movie looking left and right

Snoopy and woodstock hologram with mat

and finally the fully matted and framed version. The design for the mat was created in OpenOffice Draw, printed out and laminated to mat board which was then cut to a custom size and the hologram framed.

The master hologram was made on PFG-01 film laminated to glass and developed with JD2 and bleached with EDTA and post-treated with Ascorbic acid to increase contrast.

The reflection copy was made on PFG-01 film pre-treated in 6% TEA and developed and post treated the same as the master.

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