Laser based flight simulation

While not precisely flight simulation with lasers (what would that be like?) Jenoptic has developed a white light projector system using lasers. This system greatly reduces power consumption and heat production and potentially provides for a much greater dynamic range. The AVIOR system is up and running on a number of projects and will soon be integrated with Airbus simulators.

RDE and Jenoptik have already been working successfully together for several years. RDE will be fitting the Jenoptik technology to three Tornado flight simulators for the German armed forces. One system has already been installed and is in operation. Work on the installation for the second simulator will start during the course of this year.

The use of state-of-the-art laser technology also means in particular that the laser projection system offers savings in the day-to-day operation by comparison with conventional projection systems which are still based on analogue technology. The RGB laser (red-green-blue) provides for projections of ultra-high quality moving images and on differently shaped projection surfaces. Over the last three years Jenoptik has continued to develop this technology specially for use in flight simulators and planetaria. The AVIOR laser systems now intended for use in the technologically highly sophisticated so-called Level D flight simulators in the civil aviation market, represent the result of years of development work and mark the high point to-date in a new, future-orientated technology from Germany.

Shown above is a view to the RDE Tornado flight simulation.

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