Two-color 4th of July

Late last week I put together a shot of the fireworks from my original 4th of July hologram and the latest version of the flag into a two-color version that I’ll be selling as a limited edition of 100.

The final hologram takes about four hours to make and consists of exposing the film using the flag master, washing the film to remove TEA which is used to shift the replay color to a nice green, drying the film, exposing it using the fireworks master, processing, drying, making and cutting the mat and framing.

The final hologram is signed, numbered and set into an 8×10" frame.

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Michael Harrison

Husband, Programmer, Irish dancer, tinkerer, astronomer, layabout (as much as possible)

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  1. The 2006 Holography Forum hologram making competition is upon us. There are a number of great prizes so join in and make some great holograms.I’m proud to be a sponsor and will also be entering as a competitor, although if my hologram does make first

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