Battery Geek and the Bbb

While looking through my server logs I found that the person from this story is still periodically checking my site, so I did another search on the web for stories talking about Battery Geek and Dragon’s Eye.

Even the Better Business Bureau isn’t fond of Battery Geek.

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2006 Holography Forum contest

The 2006 Holography Forum hologram making competition is upon us. There are a number of great prizes so join in and make some great holograms.

I’m proud to be a sponsor and will also be entering as a competitor, although if my hologram does make first place I’ll be giving my prize donation to the second place winner.

Through the link is the latest information on the contest and information on my prize donation.

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Leveling magnetic bases with epoxy

If you’re using machine shop magnetic bases on your holography table you’ve no doubt discovered that they wobble a bit.

This is a definite no-no when it comes to holography as that creates a weak point where vibration can continue to exist in your table.

The best way I’ve found to level the bases isn’t to sand them level but rather to use epoxy to let gravity quickly level them for you.

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Extending valve stems

If you’re putting together a holography table on a budget, chances are good you’ll be using inner tubes as the primary isolation medium.

Chances are also good that you’ll need to adjust the pressure in the tubes once everything is piled on top of them.

Here’s one method for extending the valves so you can adjust the pressure anytime you need to.

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