4th of July

The big project this week was a new version of the US flag hologram I made for Andres when he became a US citizen.

I’ve wanted to add fireworks for some time now and started work on just that last weekend.

I resurrected the flag model with pie, hot dog and shake and added a glass matte painting of fireworks with glitter added.

After much tweaking of the lighting I shot an exposure of the flag, switched out the subject for the matte and shot that on the same plate.

While the hologram came out pretty nice one thing I’ll change next time is to find a way to even out the brightness of each exposure. The fireworks are quite a bit brighter than the flag which makes copying difficult.

Andres has also suggested stacking two or more painted mattes to give the illusion that the fireworks occupy more space.

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  1. Late last week I put together a shot of the fireworks from my original 4th of July hologram and the latest version of the flag into a two-color version that I’ll be selling as a limited edition of 100.

    The final hologram takes about four hours to

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