What have I been doing?

Being a bad blogger I haven’t been blogging enough about what I’ve been doing. I’ve been too busy doing it. To rectify that a bit, here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to holographically.

Winter holography course through the Plano Recreation system.

This was a small class of one and while she seemed to pick up the terminology quickly I got the impression that she wasn’t keen on acquiring the equipment necessary for the techology to apply to her artwork. We were able to make a transmission master and copy during the session though and both came out bright. Another class will be starting up in the summer and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of students I get.

Custom HOEs.

I’ve had a persistent customer who has been working on some specialized hardware involving a HOE. I’ve made a couple of holograms for him now (the first being an image of a Tie fighter as a test for his idea) and the second being a holographic lens. I don’t know the details of his application but it’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

Custom transmissions for an assistant professor at A&M.

Initially she had me make a transmission hologram of a chess piece so that she could test chemical reactions formed when the holographic image was projected. That went well on her end and the second hologram involves the attempt to do the same in a 3D volume. As soon as my table is back together and functional I’ll be shooting that transmission.

A few orders for holograms.

I’ve had a few more orders for holograms (keep them coming!). They aren’t bringing in enough for me to retire on but it’s helping to (slightly) defray my holographic costs.

Entered the Oak Lawn Library Arts Festival.

At the beginning of April I entered two holograms in the First Annual Oak Lawn Library Arts Festival. One was Fly Little Penguin, Fly! and the other was Minas Tirith. Fly Little Penguin even won a blue ribbon.

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