Good customer service pt II

Related to this post, I purchased some new film from Integraf this past week, received the film on Friday and opened the packages today.

I discovered that one of the packages had been cut improperly (not their fault) and instead of getting 8×10" film I received 8×8" film.

I contacted Alec at Integraf, let him know what I’d found and said that in reviewing my cutting schedule that I’d like to return the defective package and at the same time upgrade it to a 12×16" (with appropriate charges due to the change in cost.

What I received in return as:

The 12×16 will be sent out on Monday, February 13. You will also receive an electronic UPS return label for the return of the "8×10", so that you do not incur shipping charges. Place this return label on to the original box. You can drop the box off at any UPS Store or other UPS outlet, or hand it the driver when the driver delivers the 12×16.

Again, great customer service from people that can count on repeat business.

I’ve recommended Integraf for several years now and will continue to do so. If you have any holography related needs, check with Integraf first.

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