Plasti Dip for holography

Everyone making holograms uses something a little different for handling film and/or plates when developing.

In my case I use forceps that I bought at the local electronics supply shop.

To keep them from scratching the film, which they’ll do very well out of the box as the jaws have extremely sharp teeth, I coat the tips with Plasti Dip to give them a somewhat hard coating that grips film and glass equally well.

Open the can and dip
an inch or two of the forceps into the goo. Use a finger to keep the jaw
separated throughout.

Bring the forceps out
slowly and allow the tips to sit just touching the goo for a moment or two so
that excess liquid is pulled back into the can. This will prevent a bead from
forming along an edge or end of the forceps as the goo dries.

With the jaws open put
the forceps down on a support to dry. If the initial layer isn’t quite thick
enough, the teeth should be covered completely, you can re-dip the jaws after
the dip as set for 30 minutes.

Once you’re done with
the dip cover the top with aluminum foil and put the cover back on. This stuff
drys out very easily.

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