Sony BMG must never get another dime of your money

They certainly will not get any of mine for a long time.

I’m sick and tired of the media companies treating us like criminals. Putting software on our machines that makes them more vulnerable is not a good way to treat your customers.

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The ridiculousness of e-book pricing


A Million Little Pieces $9.95 – Amazon paperback $9.24


The DaVinci code $14.95 – Amazon hardcover $14.50

And Then There Were None $5.99 – Amazon paperback $6.26

The Rule of Four $6.99 – Amazon paperback $7.99

Night Fall $16.95 – Amazon paperback $7.99

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Palm TX user review

A little over a week ago wifey and I broke down and bought two Palm TX’s as anniversary presents for ourselves to replace our aging Sony Clie T615’s. You know you’ve turned into an old married couple when you buy gadgets for your 16th anniversary. On the other hand I took her out on a day long date on the actual day so there’s still romance there :-).

I know that Palm spells the name of this new device Palm T|X but I and wifey much prefer just "Palm TX". It’s the Texas Palm. Unfortunately it’s not nearly as big feature-wise.

In general we both like them. There are some things we really like (built-in wifi, larger screen) and some we don’t. They’re all detailed below.

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