Hologram disaster relief

There’s only so much we each can do and while our family has given to the Red Cross already, I still want to do more.

With that in mind, throughout September (longer if necessary) through the end of the year I will be donating 50% of all hologram proceeds (note, not profits, please see below) to the Red Cross for relief efforts related to hurricane Katrina.

I will make the donation in honor of the person making the purchase and will forward (email) a copy of the donation receipt to the purchaser as soon as I receive it. If you’d like the donation made in someone else’s honor just put their name in the comments field on the PayPal order form.

For a selection of available holograms, take a look at my gallery page. Each hologram that is available for purchase has a link underneath the picture.

To everyone that takes advantage of this, thank you for helping me to help more.

Note that I can’t pledge 100% of the profits because I’m not making a profit on any of my holograms. My prices aren’t set based on cost + profit but rather what I think they will sell for, in an attempt to get a body of work out into the world.

[edited 9/5]

It’s been brought to my attention that I should factor in the possibility that one day I will make a profit from the sales of these holograms. While I don’t expect to do so during the month of Sept I certainly should factor that possibility in.

With that in mind, when I do break even I 100% of the profits will go to disaster relief.

[edited 9/8]

Modified the offer to run through the end of the year.

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  1. Ok, not really free in the purest sense but now that I’ve got your attention…
    Next week (September 12th through the 18th) 100% of the proceeds from hologram sales will be donated to the Red Cross for hurricane Katrina relief efforts.  Note that I’m am

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