You’re selling what??

Ok, last week after work I went off to get some various Margarita fixin’s down the road.

I also stopped nearby to get some gas.

At the top of the receipt where the name of the establishment would normally be there was a quite unexpected title.

Note, the following isn’t entirely work safe and if you’re easily offended, don’t even look

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New Gallery and Forum

Our server was recently upgraded so I had the space to put the forum back and add a picture gallery.

There’s not much in the forum right now but I’ll be adding things as time goes on and others are welcome to use it as a public place to ask questions about anything here.

The gallery has a number of pictures available and it will only get bigger.

Link to the forum.

Link to the gallery.

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Is the Usa Becoming a Police State?

Just to make things clear, I blame Bush (dubya) and his politically appointed cronies for the situation in NOLA.

It’s a horrible situation that while not completely avoidable could have been handled differently beginning with preparations that should have begun years ago.

The question that’s been growing in my mind since 9/11 is "are we slowly and inexoribly moving towards a complete police state under Bush?" For that matter, has this been happening for decades and I just haven’t noticed? To me it seems that the we really started to lose our basic rights with the creation of Homeland Security.

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Hologram disaster relief

There’s only so much we each can do and while our family has given to the Red Cross already, I still want to do more.

With that in mind, throughout September (longer if necessary) through the end of the year I will be donating 50% of all hologram proceeds (note, not profits, please see below) to the Red Cross for relief efforts related to hurricane Katrina.

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