Weekend fun

This weekend was a good one for holography (as well as enjoying the weather with wifey).

On Saturday I made a large copy of the Jesus-gram (which I gave to Andres) and I later got a wild hair and decided to take the time to re-do my canopy. I haven’t been happy with it because I originally made it shorter than it needed to be and there was one corner that was hard to get past.

I tore all the plastic down and put a new single sheet up one side over the top and down the opposite side and to the floor. It’s wide enough that there’s some good overlap on the side facing my desk. I then took two overlapping sheets and attached them to that open side to close that off. There are fewer holes in the canopy and I was able to extend it farther out into the room to get the plastic away from the table a bit more.

I also use strap clamps to attach the plastic to the canopy frame.

This is a picture of the old one. The new one looks very similar except that comes out farther from the wall across the window.

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