Last week Andres came over to make use of my master layout (he had his table set up for copies and really didn’t want to tear it down) to make a Jesus-gram.

[first posted on 3/30/2005, final H2 added 4/2/2005]

The general idea was to take a rolling Jesus (yep, He’s got wheels under that robe) and make some kind of hologram using Him. Andres borrowed Him from an irreverent co-worker earlier in the week.

We started out by piling legos underneath Him to get Him to the right height and then moving His arms about until we were happy with the overall pose. We didn’t really think about it until the hologram had been made but we left the legos visible which, I think, adds to the mystery.

Initially we were going to use a plastic disk for a halo but couldn’t get the glow we wanted so to put some sparkly fabric behind Him to represent, oh… more mystery.

After checking light ratios and computing the exposure time we shot the first master plate. That turned out well and Andres packed it away for later copying.

Andres gave me one of his plates to use to make a copy of my own and to make mine a bit different I added a small skull and coin. Jesus, money and death. They all go together in some way.

Below are the live shots of the layout.

And here’s a shot of a final H2 lit by sunlight. There’s some burn-in but I’ll be able to reduce that quite a lot when I switch developers in a few days.

The master was made with a 30mW HeNe on PFG-01 and developed with JD2. The copy was made with a 12mW HeNe and developed with D-19.

If you’d like to buy a copy, click here.

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