Welcome our newest US citizen… Andres Ghisays

Today Andres Ghisays (who was born in Columbia) will become a US citizen. He’s off this morning to be sworn in and in honor of this occasion I’ve created a hologram just for him.

[model shot added on 4/2/2005]
This is an image of the layout as lit by HeNe laser light.

And the final H2 reflection.

All the objects sitting on the flag were made from clay, the cup and hot-dog were made by me (even includes mustard) and Susan made the pie. The flag is a b&w print stiffened with wire.
The master was done with PFG-01 film mounted to glass and exposed with a HeNe laser and developed in JD2. The copies were made on un-mounted PFG-01 film.

Here’s a shot of the model.

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