PCGG-II hand-off hologram

As others are aware, it took way too long to finish (partly because I was being over-ambitious in what I wanted to do and partly because it was an open-ended “artistic” endeavor) but the PCGG-II hand-off hologram is complete and in the Padiyar’s possession.

Note that the final hologram is not the original. I had to scrap the original idea and start over. This is the final result.

On the left is the fully framed hologram and on the right is a close-up of only the hologram.

The subjects are a frosted glass “lucky” cat (it could be porcelain though), a coin, skull, crystal, lead figurine of a ringwraith, Snoopy on his doghouse (there’s even a small gold Woodstock in front), Princess Lea and an alphabet block with a mirror behind and all sitting on the proper holographic sand.

It’s a 5×7″ H2 mastered with a 30mW HeNe on PFG-01 and copied to PFG-01 with an 11mW HeNe and developed in JD2.

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