Latest HoloController update

Over the last many days I’ve been adding to the controller software (sensor logging, light meter readings, etc) and I’ve also begun converting the code to use wxWindows for the app framework and UI.

The latest controller software (source and windows executable) is available on the sourceforge pages which includes changes such as (sorry, don’t have a comprehensive list but I’ll start maintaining one now) sensor logging along with a conversion factor to automatically convert the hardware data to an arbitrary value (such as volts) and saving of the log to a csv file. The sensor class has a new updateperiod parameter that indicates how often the sensor should take readings. This is particularly useful for sensors that just don’t need to update very often.

I’ve added a "light meter" dialog that can be used to easily take ref and obj light readings and log them to a file. The dialog also watches a switch that is used to either clear the log through a double-click or place a marker that is used to indicate changes from reference and object readings.

I’m using a new temperature sensor to track the temperature in my lab and keep track of any component shifts due to temperature changes (I seem to have one mirror that likes to move as the temperature rises.

So far things are working well and I think I’ll have a good framework and process pretty soon. I’ve been using the prototype in my own lab and I’m quite pleased with the results so far.

The next release will be wxWindows based and theoretically cross platform.

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