I am fully operational Sir

The board and software now have everything I need (the rest is a bit fluffy) which includes:
1) Software control of both lasers (although I still need to hook the AC relay board to the 33mW laser).
2) Software switches for the lasers and shutters.
3) Basic light sensors that can check to make sure the shutter opened.
4) Status lights for when a laser is on and when an exposure is in-progress (IE, the shutter is open and film is being exposed).

Some shots of the board follow.

Here’s the board with both lasers on and shutters open. The status lights on the board show what sensors are active and what outputs are supplying power.

The lights in the lower right are my status lights (they’re out in the hallway now, but this was taken while I was testing them) which show that at least one of the lasers is powered up (white light) and at least one shutter is open (red light).

I’ll be adding a green light for when it’s safe to enter the room and a yellow light to show when an exposure is coming up (within 20 seconds).

I’m now really ready to start exposing film again.


For those of you who are interested, I’m also keeping the sourceforge repository updated with the latest source. It’s not pretty to look at right now but I’m prettyfying it as time allows.

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