HoloController update

If anyone’s interested in checking out the first fully functional (although as far as the final version goes, proof of concept) version of HoloController, I’ve just made a source and executable release through sourceforge.


I’m looking for feature ideas as well as people to contribute to the software. Check out the roadmap on the home page for more info on what I’ve got planned at the moment.

Now that things are fully functional and my lab has seen the first exposure of the year my work on the software will slow down to a more measured pace.

At the moment, the controller software features a hardware abstraction layer that separates the main program from knowledge of the underlying controller hardware as well as abstractions for shutters, light sensors, switches and lasers. Long term the program will be modified to include (at least):

  • Platform independence. Most of the code already qualifies but I’ll be moving the UI over to use wxWidgets.
  • GUI for editing devices and maintaining the device list.
  • More general interface for scheduling all the details of an exposure.
  • Client/Server code for remote monitoring and control of the table.
  • Maybe some form of scripting language support. (ruby, tcl, python anyone?)
  • Stepper motor support.
  • LCD drivers for stereogram creation.

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One thought on “HoloController update”

  1. The next iteration of the HoloController is just about ready for use.
    The on-board software is finally (no, really) ready to be wired up in the lab and I expect to do that tomorrow sometime.
    The prototype controller is shown below with LEDs in place of

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