Irish Dance

Do you like to dance? Are you going to be in the Dallas and Fort Worth area? Come join us!
Our running calendar of local Irish dance events is also a good resource if you’re looking for social dance in the area.

If you’re looking for someone to teach a workshop or call at your event, give us a shout.

We’ve opened up the Irish Dance Wiki which aims to become for Irish Dancing what Wikipedia is to general information. Everyone is welcome to contribute and fill out information on schools, dancing venues, stores, books, videos, etc as they’re related to Irish dancing.

In addition, DanceMinder is becoming the place to go for dance instructions and notes you can take on the floor with you.

Holography / Lasers

The archive of our work with lasers and holography since late 2002 with the latest news available over here.


Travel Adventures in Scotland, Ireland, Caribbean, Belize, Spain and beyond.

Photos and videos

Our photo gallery which contains pictures from us, extended family members, friends and others.


Who is Dragon’s Eye? It’s Michael & Susan Harrison. You may also find a few more Harrisons lurking about the place.

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