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These pages are being put up to chronicle our recent trip to Scotland.

I'm doing this for two reasons: 1) I really enjoyed this last week of rushing around Scotland. There was something about Scotland that made me feel like I was home. The farther we drove into the highlands, the friendlier people got. 2) I keep notes on our trips and wanted to pull all the Scotland notes together and add pictures and other commentary so other people could see what a truly remarkable place Scotland is.

There are all sorts of notes, comments and holes throughout. I tend to jot down whatever comes to mind and sometimes I don't make notes at all when I'm running through a place. Text in normal black text is generally what I wrote as I was walking around (although I did do some cleanup on the billion hour flight back home). Italic text has been added while putting this page together.

Not everything here is directly related to Scotland. You may find some comments boring or frivolous but these are the things that I wrote during the trip and so I left them in.

- Michael

*** disclaimer: There are all sorts of spelling and grammatical errors that are due to the fact that as I write in my pilot I don't capitalize or check my grammar. It just slows me down. As time goes by, the errors will be corrected (believe me, there are fewer now than there were when I started this page).

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