Negril, Jamaica.
July 5-12, 2002

What follows are some notes that I (Michael) took on our July 5-12 2002 trip to Negril, Jamaica (yes, I took my palm pilot to the beach), augmented by the pictures and videos we captured as well as some additional afterthoughts.  This was a wonderful week where Susan and I spent as much time as possible relaxing on the beach, snorkeling and meeting new people.  It didn't take us long to fall in love with the people and country. 

The initial notes from my pilot are in normal text, the additional observations added later are in bold.
(While minor, the time on the pictures is one hour behind as the camera hadn't been changed for daylight savings time until late in the first day.)

Be aware that the following pages are very picture-heavy and may take several minutes to fully load on slow connections.


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