I won first!

Hologram entry

Well, here it is. Will it win?

Gettin’ ready for the feis

The Bluebonnet Feis that is.

What am I doing? Not dancing this time.

I’m entering this…

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Holograms under a microscope

While giving a talk about holography to a school group recently I mentioned that one could look at a hologram through a microscope and see what you’d see with the original subject.

Since I’ve got an Intel QX3 microscope I decided to capture a few images.

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The making of “Friends”

Friends Hologram of Snoopy and WoodstockFor the latest Holography Forum contest I made a hologram of Snoopy and Woodstock.

I’d originally planned for the final hologram to be a bit different but I’m happy with what I’ve got.

Read on for the making of Friends.

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Here’s my latest hologram, a two-color 4×6" reflection hologram of multi-dimensional faces.

Click on the image for a larger version.

You can also purchase a framed copy through our store.

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Two-color 4th of July

Late last week I put together a shot of the fireworks from my original 4th of July hologram and the latest version of the flag into a two-color version that I’ll be selling as a limited edition of 100.

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Day of the Dead

A few weeks ago I started work on a hologram inpired by Pirates of the Caribbean and began carving a medallion that I wanted to look like the medallion featured in the movie. Unfortunately my sculpting skills aren’t yet up to that task but I was able to produce a medallion that is more appropriate for a Day of the Dead celebration and set about making a hologram of that.

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Sand Dollar two channel

Back on June 5th I wrote about some problems producing a master two channel of a sand dollar. I’ve since worked out the problems and made a few copies.

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4th of July

The big project this week was a new version of the US flag hologram I made for Andres when he became a US citizen.

I’ve wanted to add fireworks for some time now and started work on just that last weekend.

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