Your morning slug

Spider Man

If it bites me will I turn into an itty bitty spider man?

The girls love this look

There’s no hotter dog in the world. The ladies will be beating down my door.

Why are you so afraid?

Why are you so afraid of the “other” coming in and taking over and making you into something you don’t want to be?

Are you so afraid, because that’s what you would do.

Nation in pain

Nation in pain

Lashing out like a toddler

Change is coming

Dance little Moaters!

3rd figure little Christmases

Dragon magic

Seems appropriate that he would choose to perch there.

Royal Playa Del Carmen – review

Wonderful all-inclusive.  Highly recommended.

Is the Royal perfect?  No.

Is the Royal almost perfect?  Yes.

First off, I’m someone that usually works to stay away from all-inclusive resorts.  The idea of going to a new place in the world and being separated from the people that live in that place is a big turn-off.  When I go someplace, I want to be *in* the place, so I can see what it’s really like. Continue reading “Royal Playa Del Carmen – review”

April 23rd Sean-nós Workshop In Plano, TX

Do you like Irish sean-nós dancing?   If you’re asking “What’s that?” it’s like solo tap dancing to Irish tunes, older than Riverdance and modern step dancing, and all ages can do it.  Sean-nós is a great style for dancing however the jigs move ya, even in a tiny pub.

Guess what?  Brian Ó hAirt, a fantastic dancer and teacher, is coming to town at 1pm on April 23rd to teach a sean-nós workshop for $20 per student.  The location will be our home in North Plano (near 121 & Independence).  See below for more details and use our contact form to let us know if you’d like to attend.

When: 1pm on April 23rd.
Cost: $20
Where: North Plano (contact us for directions)

We need to know:

  1. Would you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced sean-nós dancer?  Please pick one.
  2. Would you be interested in a beginner, intermediate or advanced workshop?  Please pick one.

If you can commit to the workshop, please let us know as soon as possible.

Any dancer is welcome, so spread the word!  Now for a few words from Brian about the dancing, his workshops, and himself.

Continue reading “April 23rd Sean-nós Workshop In Plano, TX”