Battery Geek and the Bbb

While looking through my server logs I found that the person from this story is still periodically checking my site, so I did another search on the web for stories talking about Battery Geek and Dragon’s Eye.

Even the Better Business Bureau isn’t fond of Battery Geek.

I found this iPodLounge thread where someone actually did a BBB search on Battery Geek and found they’d had a complaint against them and didn’t even bother to respond to the complaint.

The BBB report reads:

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record

The Bureau processed a total of 1 complaint about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 1 complaint closed in 36 months, 1 was closed in the last year.

1 – Company failed to respond to the BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.

If you do a search on eBay you’ll find a few complaints against them, admittedly in the minority but consistently they blame the problem on the customer and don’t admit to their own mistakes.

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One thought on “Battery Geek and the Bbb”

  1. I am Sean Murrays wife. Currently we are getting a divorce. He ran off with the company leaving me no income even though I am also on our Articles of Incorporation. I sympathize with your story, it is quite obvious that he is manipulative as I also have felt the defeat of being used for my good credit to help propel our company forward. Now I have to file for bankrupcy. MOre on the story, write to me.

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