Twas a fine weekend

On Thursday April 20th Susan and I headed off to Chicago for the Comhaltas Weekend held by the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club.

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What have I been doing?

Being a bad blogger I haven’t been blogging enough about what I’ve been doing. I’ve been too busy doing it. To rectify that a bit, here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to holographically.
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Table testing pt III

Parts I and II are part of my original blogging back before I started using blog software.

This is a continuation of the some of the discussion from this thread.

I’ve done a ton of testing over the last few days, changing air in my inner tubes, swapping lasers and optics, moving my big laser off the table, wandering around the house doing various housely things and recording what happens to the fringes in an interferometer.

Here’s what I’ve found.

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Screaming bunnies

I have never before heard a bunny scream, but I did last night.

Susan called me outside and quietly pointed under one of our rose bushes where I saw a little tiny baby bunny.

The thing was so young that it could barely hop and had trouble staying upright while doing so.

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What music are you listening to?

I need some new music.

I need some new music without vocals. Something I can listen to while working that will help keep me focused.

I’m kind of tired of the music I have, so what would you recommend?